With more than 30 years’ experience, Chainco’s personnel has solid competency within control and certification of chains and related products.

Chainco sells, certifies, and classes all types of chains for clients within oil and gas, seafaring, and land-based industry.



We sell swivels for all usage areas for clients in a range of sectors. Chainco completes controls and certifications of swivels. We have a large selection of swivels, provided by leading producers.


Chainco sells all kinds of shackles for a secure connection of chains to a range of usage areas. We also complete controls and inspections of shackles for clients in both offshore and land-based industry.


Chainco sells anchors and performs controls and inspections of anchors and all related equipment. We complete inspections of anchors for clients within both the oil and seafaring industries in Norway and internationally.


We sell, approve, and certify kenter shackles. Kenter shackles are approved chain joints that go through sheave wheels, ensuring limited wear and tear of the related chains.